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Talk at BESIG 2021 for Cornelsen

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Nice to hear you, how are you?
Not bad, thanks, I’m muddling through.
And how are things at your end?

Very busy, bills to send.

Is your boss at work today?
Can I help in any way?
Could I leave a message, then?
Sure, hang on, I’ll get a pen.

I’m with Löwe in Peru
Is that with a “w”?
Yes, it is, and Mark can reach me
here in Lima until 3.

May I ask what it’s about?
Sure, I need his business clout
at a meeting with a fat cat.

I’m afraid I didn’t catch that.

Can he call me back by 3?
Sure, no problem, let me see.
Can you give me your phone number?
511’s the code for Lima

and my number’s 68 52.
Let me read that back to you.
I’ll make sure he gets your message.
Thanks. Phone dead… Have got to recharge…

I wrote this for a telephoning course about two years ago. Read it out loud to warm up your voice before a phone call.


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