It’s love, boys

Happy news deserves a serenade. R & J are getting married. So I’m celebrating with Carmen Borgia and his ukelele (3:25).

marriage=love²: it’s
love to the power of two when it’s based on true love,
love squared when it’s not.

You don’t get my love² nonsense? Sorry.
Here’s a guide to reading exponents:

  • is normally read “x squared”; very rarely “x to the power of two” or “x to the second power”.
  • is read “x cubed” or “x to the power of three” or “x to the third power”.
  • We say “x to the nth”, but forms like “xth” and  “yth” are hard to pronounce, so we say “n to the x”.
  • The phrase using “power”, as in  “to the fifth power” or “to the power of five”, is uncommon.

Enough said. 😉

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