The storytellers brought together very different sounds on their second album “Consolers Of The Lonely” (’08, RS review), nominated for a Grammy, including the pretty “Old enough”, now out in a nice bluegrass version. “Salute your Solution” rocks harder, and Jack’s white noise would give me a headache if he weren’t so brilliant. What a great angry refrain (1:34-2:10):

I got what I got all despite you
and I get what I get just to spite you

Old Enough

You look pretty in your fancy dress
But I detect unhappiness
You never speak so I have to guess
You’re not free.

There, maybe when you’re old enough
You’ll realize that you’re not so tough
And some days the seas get rough
And you’ll see

You’re too young to have it figured out
You think you know what you’re talking about
You think it all will work itself out
But we’ll see

When I was young I thought I knew
You probably think you know too
Do you? Well do you?
I was naïve just like you
I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to do
Well, what you gonna do?

And how have you gotten by so far
Without having a visible scar?
No one knowing who you really are
They can’t see

What you gonna do now?

The only way you’ll ever learn a thing
Is to admit that you know absolutely nothing
Oh nothing
Think about this carefully
You might not get another chance to speak freely
Oh freely

Maybe when you’re old enough
You’re not free

Salute your solution

learning english with songs 🙂 englischlernen mit liedern

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