The tilt-shift harbor

Tiltshift photography makes life-sized locations or subjects look like miniature-scale models. The ultra-short depth of field tricks the eye into thinking that the shot was taken with a macro lens, or close-up filters. Here is a video by Keith Loutit using tilt shift shot in time lapse that makes a busy harbor look like a bathtub. Find more beautiful examples in Smashing Magazine.

Bathtub II from Keith Loutit on Vimeo.

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3 thoughts on “The tilt-shift harbor”

  1. incredible!

    Two years ago, I came home and watched TV. Same procedure, same programme every day.

    Now, I daily start my computer with Island weekly (must be: Island daily or sometimes Island hourly) and see a wide range of music, interesting politics, technology, philosophy and so on.

    That is the way media make sense.

    Forget the fucking million dollar “someone sucht den Superstar”!

  2. Hi Helmut, the Island Weekly is a bathtub, too, and not comparable. I agree, I think TV is a total waste of time.

    Just a word of caution about swear words: If you want to put down TV, you need other swear words! Swearing works differently in English:
    1. The Irish use “feckin'” for everything, but it’s very impolite. The Americans use “goddamn” much the same way, to dismiss things as stupid and unnecessary. I’d only say “Forget that goddamn show” if I were really angry. But generally I’d say “stupid”.
    2. “Shit” is not used as much in English. If you’re surprised by something that goes wrong, you can say, “Oh, shit” You can also use it to dismiss something as really bad, e.g. “The book was really shitty.” But frankly, we use “lousy” a lot more.

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