Stop whispering

The end is near. Today I was walking around the office with a cup of tea, checking on everyone. It’s been a while since I saw people instead of tasks. We’re almost done, the rest is details, of course there are plenty of those, and I do feel responsible for them, no question, and will be busy. But the heavy machinery has been moved, and a big weight is lifted from my shoulders. Originally we were going to go live on 16 Feb, and as far as I am concerned we would have managed that deadline. So: I’m done. I’m pleased and satisfied and ready to hand over. So I’m celebrating tonight. Stop whispering, start shouting!

This Radiohead video and the lyrics are somewhat tortured, but to me the refrain is pure release.
And the wise man say I don’t want to hear your voice
And the thin man say I don’t want to hear your voice
And they’re cursing me, and they won’t let me be
And there’s nothing to say, and there’s nothing to do.
Stop whispering, start shouting
And my mother say we spit on your son some more
And the buildings say we spit on your face some more
And the feeling is, that there’s something wrong
‘Cause I can’t find the words and I can’t find the songs.
Stop whispering, start shouting
Dear sir, I have a complaint.
Can’t remember what it is.
Doesn’t matter anyway.
Stop whispering

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