The origins of acceptance speeches

Armstrong and Miller

What I’m doing with this

My business English class tonight will get this video and the “Cromagnon English” text below and use it as a scaffold (Gerüst) to give a speech on something they have accomplished with their team.
We give thanks to mighty warrior Ug, – Slayer of cave beast – (Ug! Ug! Ug!)- You make words now !
Me thank you for beast penis – It mean lot to me – But I not slay cave beast alone – Rah make strong spear- and Ugh, He make cunning trap (listige Falle) – and Scar act as bait (Köder) on mountain – (Scar! Scar! Scar!) – Sadly Scar can’t be here tonight – But most of all – Me thank wife for help and support – This not just for me – This for anyone who ever have dream – (Ug! Ug! Ug) – Me forget thank you! – You dead to me

I’m also taking Sean Penn’s acceptance speech with me, and my students will need to listen for specific “chunks” that they could use, viz “I am touched by the appreciation” “I’ve scribbled down some names” “I wanted to thank”, “my circle of support”, “and particularly” ticking them off a list that also contains a few more chunks that aren’t contained in the speech, viz. “I’d like to thank”, “for help and support”, “can’t be here tonight”, “it means alot to me”. If you want to try this out yourself, here’s the handout.

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