My dear friend, mentor, dance partner, swimming mate. She wanted strong, intellectual, emotional, free women, green students and a self-sufficient third world. How come she was always so sure of what was right and what was wrong? For all her ideals and fans and disciples she drank and was lonely. When I gave up on my PhD project she made me feel like a rotten loser, and I threw a glass of wine at her and told she just didn’t understand. After our big falling out we lost touch. Then one day, several years later, I found out she had died. Her answering machine was still working, and I heard her voice come to me down the wire from beyond the grave.

Tonight at Michele’s I heard music that we used to listen and dance to together, and it all came rushing back to me. God, how I miss her.

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Trainer/ coach from Washington, D.C. based in Berlin. Enthusiastic gardener, sailor, reader.

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