Hinteregg, near Solothurn


Friends of ours are tenants of a mountain pasture for cows at 1000 m in the Swiss Jura at Hinteregg. They run a nice restaurant and bed and breakfast, where they offer hikers, bikers and climbers excellent whole food cuisine, including anything from the beef of cows they raise themselves to French patisserie. Annette learned her craft of blending green farming and haute cuisine and serving good coffee, wine and beer in the Black Forest (Schwarzwald), the Palatinate (Pfalz), southern Bavaria, Solothurn as well as on the Atlantic coasts of France and Spain. Now she and Jochen and Hannah are in Hinteregg, where after 6 months of winter spring has just arrived, and the flowers are just starting to come out. When you hike along the sharp ridge you can see the yellow canola (or rape) fields below, and look across to the Swiss Alps, with Mönch, Eiger, Jungfrau …


Hannah is a smart girl who has learned a lot from her parents’ interesting lifestyle. She has a pact that her rabbits are hers to keep, but the little rabbits they have are going to be someone’s dinner. Try that out on your 7-year old! She and Helmut had fun with a birthday ribbon.


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