BossHoss/Elvis: Wolf Call

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The Boss Hoss, the great Berlin band that reinterprets classic American rock, country and blues tunes with more than a touch of zany humor and energy, all decked out in cowboy gear and playing under names like Hoss Power (lead singer and guitarist), Russ T. Rocket (one of the guitarists) and Hank Williamson (mandolin, banjo etc), are back with a new album, Do or Die, released today. More hard rock than on their last album, with lots of songs written by Hoss Burns himself, my favorite song is their edgy cover version of “Wolf Call”, one of Elvis Presley’s lesser known songs. To whistle at someone is called giving someone a “wolf call”. Listen to “Wolf Call” and the rest of the album here.
Here’s Elvis.

(Words & music by Giant – Baum – Kaye)

Lyrics as sung by Elvis (extra lyrics sung by the Boss Hoss in brackets)

Flipflop with kay-eye, what a cutie pie I see
Oops shoopa doo-wah, lips of honey, that’s for me
Shim sham shimmie wanna hail and shout
I might forget you baby, there’s no doubt
I saw you standing ‘gainst the wall
I whistled and I gave my all
Now don’t tell me you don’t fall
For that wolf call

(Be-bop a booglaloo, I’m sneakin’ all around you
Tip-top jitterbug, baby please no taboos)
Just a little kiss’ll put me in a whirl
I’ll never whistle, dearie, at another girl
You love me, well, we’ll have a ball
Why do you try to stall
Now don’t tell me you don’t fall
For that wolf call

(Wham bam, baby, you’re the one for me
just get a little closer and you will see
you love me, well, we’ll have a ball
believe me and I’ll give my all
so don’t tell me you don’t fall
for that wolf call)

learning english with songs 🙂 englischlernen mir liedern


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