The Wind in the Willows

A delightful read on a summer afternoon is The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame. It’s one of the nicest children’s books there is. Just reading it puts you in a good mood.

“It was a golden afternoon. The smell of the dust they kicked up was rich and satisfying; out of thick orchards on either side of the road, birds called and whistled to them cheerily; good-natured wayfarers, passing them, gave them ‘Good-day,’ or stopped to say nice things about their beautiful cart; and rabbits, sitting at their front doors in the hedgerows, held up their forepaws, and said, ‘Oh my! O my! O my!'” (p. 17)

See? BTW, there is an “easy English” version which is not half bad published in the Oxford Bookworms Library. But perhaps your English is good enough to try the original. Read excerpts of the original here. Now, where are those rabbits?

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