The switch

Hey, cool: What’s this? What does it do? What can you do with it? How does it work? What are its mechanical or physical properties?

Created by Vancouver Film School student Zack Mathew through the VFS Digital Character Animation program. For a short interview with Zack, visit The man behind the switch Recommended by ebd35 on Twitter

Brainstorming properties of the cube, the man and the film:

  • Objective: sweet tasty hard soft square cube shiny matte hollow solid magnetic static sticky suspended floating strong unmoving immobile vibrating delicate heavy light shut closed locked impenetrable inextricable identical
  • Subjective: interesting curious surprising attractive forbidden intriguing thrilling electrifying dangerous scary terrifying spooky
  • The man: curious bored day-dreaming surprised inquisitive attracted thrilled electrified intrigued playful cautious incautious hesitant adventurous fun-loving risk-taking terrified scared
  • The film: funny, amusing, well done!

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