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After his ubergorgeous song Elusive, where could he go? Songwriter Scott Matthews backed a series of Foo Fighters accoustic concerts in 2006, and his newish album “Elsewhere” exudes Foo-like pathos. It’s a concept album filled with longing and restlessness and a desire to hit the road or at least be someplace else – “elsewhere”. He’s even got Robert Plant singing the pretty “12 Harps” with him. Striking road metaphors abound: “I walked a bad road to your heart” (Suddenly You Figure Out), “The suitcase is packed but there’s nowhere to belong” (Up On The Hill) and “Your destination never came, now there’s nothing to pay” (Speeding Slowly). And it’s about letting go, too: “I leave you alone, but not on your own” (Fractured). “I leave you alone” means you’re free; “You’re not on your own” means that there is someone there who will support you.  What are the lyrics exactly? Matthews is not big on e-nun-ci-a-tion! These days, singers seem to howl more than sing. iTunes, why don’t you offer me lyrics for my money?

So here I am, on my own, trying to make sense of the lyrics. Fractured appears to be a dialogue, but there are two people and a horse in this video. I wonder who says what, and if the horse gets to say anything … (and Helmut has pointed out that I forgot the eagle!) … ok, ok, this is what I hear. Corrections, anyone?

Lyrics to Scott Matthews “Fractured”

Fractured arms from pulling you up
Your life weighs a ton. Have you had enough?
What is it you want? You decide
And I’ll leave you alone, but not on your own
Fractured heart dented your start
on the plans that you made. But your plans blew away
Now the rocks that hold you
Could be the rocks that save you
But you’re slipping
There’s no time now
Where’s your fire?
Can you show me
How I find a way out
of all of this (?)
First you must trust the stranger and luck
and pull yourself up, but enough is enough
So what do you want? You decide
but you’d better be quick, cause I’m losing grip
I am struggling and I can’t hold on
Where’s your fire? Can you heal me?
I don’t want to go now
Go now, go now… (don’t) go now, (don’t) go now…

song of the week 🙂 lieder zum englischlernen

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