Jailbreaker and Hank Williams

Write a one-sentence summary of this video.

OR: Which sentence best summarizes this video for you?

  1. A sheriff manages to capture a jailbreaker.
  2. A jailbreaker meets an upright citizen who captures him.
  3. A short dog manages to outtrick a tall dog in a striped shirt.
  4. A poor fellow simply can’t win against someone who is already there, knows it all, and owns it.
  5. Cool wins over hot any day.
  6. None of these. My interpretation, see comments

Love this old Hank Williams song: “Slide it on over, sneak it on over, move over good dog coz a mad dog’s movin in!” Lyrics

PS: Hey you German hackers, did you know that there were “jailbreakers” before there were iPhones? 😉

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