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Autumn essentials

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My essentials are:

  • lights on my bike: headlight, taillight + wheel accessories; I wish I had these, but these are also pretty good:

  • PS: Just saw that tire lights aren’t allowed on the street in Germany. They should be, for the protection of bicyclists!

  • a variety of gloves, mittens, scarves
  • a tea pot and teas
  • friends
  • a good book (or two…)
  • running and gym appointments

Can you add any of your own?

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5 Responses

  1. Yep, to make up for the gym 😉
    Markus, in the video at 2:30 you can see the name of a café, and it’s the “Can’t Fail Café”. Wouldn’t that be a great name for a school café??

  2. Nice list! A scarf is essential for snug-making. I am also fond of woolly caps, waterproof gear (especially when cycling), and a good strong umbrella (except when cycling). And for particularly cold days and nights: reusable hand warmers and a hot water bottle.

  3. How could I have forgotten the hot water bottle? I have a great big sturdy umbrella, too, that I wouldn’t want to be without. Red, it is 🙂 Thanks, Stan.

  4. Mine is black (though I’m not fussy) and I’m very fond of it. I bought my first brolly on holiday in Edinburgh, and I’ve enjoyed their portable-ceilingness ever since.

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