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Siri Svegler’s “Their Wine / Not Worth it” makes a good case for cultivated wine-drinking habits (though she does say it’s also about addiction). I’m pairing it up with that marvellous old hobo song by Tom Paxton, “Bottle of wine, fruit of the vine”.

Siri Svegler: Their wine (lyrics)

I try to break through that thick wall of concrete and blue
that someone built outside my door
and I think I can, I think I can
’cause my mind is strong and so is yours
Oh, I think we can overcome this war
in our own time, in our own time

But their wine makes me light as a feather
pushes me back into never
oh if I ever would only learn to break free
from the ways that they trick me

Oh mother, I don’t want to be a slave to their drugs
’cause their drugs never make me high
just too tired, too tired to cry
And daddy, I guess I found all their jokes a little dry
I don’t want to sit here and watch myself rot
and wait for the day that I die


Bottle of Wine, written by Tom Paxton, as sung by The Harris Brothers

Hangin around this dirty old town
Picking for nickels and dimes
Asking a friend just to lend me a hand
For a little bottle of wine

Bottle of wine, fruit of the vine
When you gonna let me get sober
Leave me alone, let me go home
Let me go back and start over

Little motel, cold as a well,
Dark as a coal in a mine
The sheets are thin, you lay there and grin
Huggin’ to a bottle of wine


Well, the preachers will preach and the teachers will teach
The miners will work in the mine
I ride the train, leave as I came
Huggin’ to my bottle of wine


songs of the week 🙂 englisch lernen mit liedern


3 Responses

  1. Great, thank you Anne,
    New and old (for me) – Tom Paxton – good old hat – Siri Svegler (!)
    good rhythm, nice ……

  2. Thanks for Their Wine lyrics! 🙂

    “Bottle of wine” is also new to me, thanks for sharing.



    *it means “fairy”, in Portugal

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