Shel Silverstein: Long Scarf

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Eric Anderson recites “Long Scarf”, a poem from Shel Silverstein‘s book, FALLING UP.

You ask me to take off my scarf
And sit down and rest for a while?
That’s sweet of you–but before I do,
I’ll tell you a story, my child.

Some years ago I fought a duel
With the Count Doomandread,
And I slipped and tripped
And his sword just clipped
My neck–and sliced off my head.

I scooped it up and put it back,
But it didn’t quite connect,
So I tied this scarf around it
Just to keep it on my neck.

That’s why I always keep it on,
‘Cause if it did unwrap,
This wobbly chopped-off head of mine
Might tumble in your lap.

So now you’ve heard my tale, and if
It will not make you ill,
And you’d still like me to
Take off my scarf…
I will!!


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