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Talked about Augmented Reality, a term coined by Professor Tom Caudell at Boeing, in a class yesterday. Layar, Nearest Tube, the London Underground iPhone app, and Bionic Eye, the same thing for NY, may be great, but Augmented ID freaked us out. Minority Report, here we come!

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2 thoughts on “Rocketboom: Augmented Reality”

  1. The science fiction author Verner Vinge wrote a great book called Rainbows End, set in 2025, where the augmented reality seen here on the mobile app is delivered via contact lenses. Looks like we may get there before 2025…fascinating stuff!

  2. Welcome, Cleve, so nice of you to drop by! 🙂
    I was just talking to my boss, Eamonn, about this over lunch, especially about our ability to find people and have global “augmented ID” information. He was saying that he’s sceptical about us really having to worry about being “found”. Science fiction scenarios are so scary because they assume a perfect world where we actually use all of the abilities we have to a single end, and information flows perfectly through all pipes. But the mere fact that something is theoretically possible doesn’t mean that it will actually work. He said he thinks the next big thing will be hackers delivering false content to confuse the authorities…
    Fascinating, indeed!

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