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Talk at BESIG 2021 for Cornelsen

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Björk’s most explicitly erotic song on Vespertine (video: Eiko Ishioka). The lyrics on this album were inspired by the poems of e.e.cummings. Excellent song review here.

Who would have known : that a boy like him
would have entered me lightly restoring my blisses
Who would have known : that a boy like him
after sharing my core would stay going nowhere
Who would have known : a beauty this immense
Who would have known : a saintly trance
Who would have known : miraculous breath
To inhale a beard loaded with courage
Who would have known : that a boy like him
possessed of magical sensitivity
would approach a girl like me
who carresses
his head in a bosom
He slides inside
half awake, half asleep
we faint back
into sleephood
when I wake up
the second time in his arms : gorgeousness!
he’s still inside me
Who would have known?
A train of pearls cabin by cabin
is shot precisely across an ocean
from a mouth
from a mouth of a girl like me
to a boy
to a boy
to a boy

song of the week 🙂 englisch lernen mit liedern


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