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The Walkmen: In the New Year

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I have no idea what this song is about, folks (do you?), and I’m not sure what Nosferato is doing in this strange video, but I just love the Walkmen. And I’ll take the good news with the bad. I know it’s going to be a good year. A happy New Year to you all!

The Walkmen
In The New Year

Oh I’m still living
at the old address
and I’m waiting on the weather
that I know will pass
I know that its true – its gonna be a good year
outta the darkness – and into the fire
I’ll tell ya I love ya
and my heart’s in the strangest place
that’s how it started
and that’s how it ends

and I know you’re with me
it’s a point of pride
and it’s louder than lighting
in this room of mine
oh I’m just like you I never hear the bad news
and I never will
we won by a landslide
our troubles are over
my sisters are married
to all my friends
yeah that’s how it started

you took your sweet time
and I waited by without complaint
till all the bad dreams made me insane
so it’s all over
it’s all over anyhow
you took your sweet time
finally I opened my eyes

my friends and my family
they are asking of me
how long will you ramble
how long will you still repeat
the snow is still falling
and I’m almost home
I see a new year

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4 Responses

  1. I’m looking at things from my very small, limited, personal perspective, and what I see makes me hopeful. No, I don’t “know”. But it’s mind over matter.

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