Grammar Guru: Look ____!

What do you say when you call out a warning? An essential phrase, don’t you think?

Now, Lily Munster (Yvonne DeCarlo) sings the southern traditional “He’s Gone Away”, which uses another phrasal verb, “look _____!”, which is completely useless outside the realm of songs like this one, and “Dixie”:

He’s Gone Away

He’s gone away
For to stay a little while,
But he’s coming back
If he goes 10,000 miles.
Oh who will tie my shoe
And who will comb my hair
And who will kiss
My ruby lips when he is gone.

Look ____! Look ____!
Over yonder.

Well brother will tie my shoe
And sister will comb my hair
And you will kiss my ruby lips
When you come home.

Look ____! Look ____!
Over yonder.

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2 thoughts on “Grammar Guru: Look ____!”

  1. To call out a warning, say

    * Look out! (54%, 7 votes) – Good!
    * Look up! (31%, 4 votes) – Well, ok, if it’s a bird… no, it’s a plane… no, it’s SUPERMAN.
    * Look away! (8%, 1 votes) – What we have here is a failure to communicate!
    * Look there! (8%, 1 votes) – Where? Aauuugh!
    * Look here! (-1%, 0 votes) – (Relieved.)

    Well, the main thing is: Don’t just sit there, say something!!

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