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Spoon “Who makes your money” from their new album “Transference” has a chorus that sounds like “Who makes you mine?” Interesting little twist. At this concert in January, lead singer Britt Daniel introduced the song to the audience, saying: “Got a new record coming out tomorrow. To-mor-row! Was a lot of work. Anybody head it yet? Anybody not heard it yet? Anybody bought it?” Notice how he drops words?

Yet another song by an alternative band that is about money. Snippets of these idioms are in the lyrics:

  • make money = Geld verdienen
  • earn a wage = Lohn verdienen
  • this will break the bank = Das wird der Ruin sein
  • take the fight out of somebody = jemanden entmutigen, jemandem den Schneid abkaufen
  • your back’s against the wall = du stehst mit dem Rücken an der Wand
  • no place to go = kein Zufluchtsort
  • Who’d have thought it would come to this? = Wer hätte gedacht, dass es soweit kommen würde?

Japanese John, his slight face fur
Still just as confused, still just as sure
He’s still just as charming, he points out the view
As he hands your wage to you

Don’t you break it
Who makes your money
Oh, they’ll take it

Who makes your money
Who thinks they might
Who’s gonna be there to take the fight
Some try to relax
Some try to know
Some try to get there with no place to go
No place to go

Who makes your money
Oh they take it

When all is quiet, you’re on your own
And all your love, well, there it goes
It’s come to hate
With everything you call
And now your back
Is against the wall
Who makes your money

Listen to the record and Spoon’s very nice interview on NPR.

song of the week 🙂 englisch lernen mit liedern


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