Spring fashion: Alice style featurette

Alice in Wonderland has a sumptuous look. After Snowgeddon, spring will be a blooming affair, so this stuff will surely go into it. An interview with costume designer Coleen Atwood has good language if you like talking about clothes. Words, in order of appearance:
costume designer, put it on, second fitting, coat, layers, silk, shear, burn off fabric, joke tie, bits of ribbon, embroider, pants, stitch, socks, they don’t match, waistcoat, pieces of fabric, they’re cut and sewn over, (re)mended, buttons, dress, embroidery, hem, layers, stripes, stockings, bloomers, sketch, neck(line), collar, wasplike middle, skirt. Words not mentioned: bodice, petticoat. Other interesting words: made to scale, curtains.

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2 thoughts on “Spring fashion: Alice style featurette”

  1. I have yet to to see the movie, Chris. Scheduled for next week. Did you like it? They say the end is predictably bombastic. But seeing Johnny Depp in a Tim Burton Scissorhands II will be a delight.

    I once saw a suit of armour in a castle that someone actually lives in. I came round the corner, and there it was, big as life. Or small as life, actually. I almost fainted. What would it be like to go downstairs in the middle of the night and find the armour outside, having a smoke? Don’t think Alice’s suit of armour would stand up on its own the way those old suits of armour do.


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