Girl games

Sandy and Anne

Today I’m very honored to be a visiting blogger on Chris Adam’s Bits ‘n Bob’s Show ‘n Tell, as part of his Mirror Posts/ Through the Looking Glass series. A post in his great San Francisco blog about a very surrealistic art show, “Altered Barbie”, leading to an equally surrealistic day, set my imagination off. Like Alice going down that rabbit hole, I found myself remembering playing with Barbie, and the cheapness of her clothes, compared to the richness of my mother’s, which Muff made for herself. And then I went and dug out this picture. Sandy and I are playing dress-up one fine summer’s day, way back then, feeling glamorous and serious and strangely wise beyond our years. Thanks, Chris, for the trip.

Do you have any childhood games you remember? Any pictures to show?

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  1. I was going to say, in a comment to your mirror post, – can we see the photo – and there it is!!
    we had a dressing up trunk in the house and it was full of costumes from my mum’s time as a dancer – the best one was a bumble bee suit.
    Sorry -don’t have a photo.

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