WWF Earth Hour

Tomorrow, Saturday, 8:30pm your local time, turn off the lights for an hour. Quiet time. Thinking time. Talking time. Or party time, whatever tickles your fancy. I’ve brought home two lovely candles for it. Earth Hour is an initiative by WWF.

The local lights out? FC Bayern München will play VfB Stuttgart and then it’ll be lights out at the Allianz Arena. One dark doughnut.

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4 thoughts on “WWF Earth Hour”

  1. Each time we do this i read articles saying that the impact on energy use is the opposite of what we hope to achieve, that in someway by turning things off we create power surges.
    In the seventies in England – during an energy crisis that put the country onto a three day week – we turned out lights in city centres, shops etc to help.
    Now that people are looking for solutions to global warming no one suggests this action and closed up shops blaze away.
    I am?
    But i’ll be lighting my candles anyway.

  2. I don’t understand electricity properly, I thought the power surges come when you switch everything on again at once… No?

    We didn’t see the lights go off in any flat but ours. But then, it’s not that kind of a neighborhood. And I admit, we had the oven on. Pollo diavolo. And lots to talk about. Life is good. Long live the planet.

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