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What do you say instead of “oops!” ?

* There appears to have been some sort of mistake.
* There appears to have been made some sort of mistake.
* There appears some sort of mistake has been made.

This is the silliest song Ella and Louis ever sang together, but it’s great singing on a bicycle. Try it!

  • take a spill – dabei hinfallen
  • take a bow – sich verbeugen
  • don’t let it get (to) you – mach dich deshalb nicht verrückt
  • nincompoop – Idiot
  • chops – Kiefer, Mund
  • buxomgroßbusig
  • to dig someone – jemanden mögen
  • truth to tell – um ehrlich zu sein

Oops, my heart went oops,
the moment that we met, my heart went oops,
I never will forget, my heart turned hoops,
the moment that I met you

oops, my feet went oops,
I nearly took a spill, my knees went oops,
they shook a bit until my head went oops,
you mustn’t let it get you

I was going for a very
you’d call it solitary sort of stroll
just a twiddle of my thumb
when I heard a lot of drums begin to pound and roar

and oops, my heart went oops,
it went into a spin of loop-di-loops
you must’ve thought me kin to nincompoops
the silly way I acted

of course you wouldn’t know,
that you were so a-glow, and I was so attracted
but baby take a bow
my heart is going oops right now


pops you are the tops
the moment that my eyes behold your chops
you lift me to the skies my heart flip-flops
you shouldn’t make it make like that

belle, my  buxom belle
I’m still in love with you coz, truth to tell,
you always kind of knew that we would gel
coz jam could never shake like that

I was going for a frantic
but completely unromantic sorta drive
but I knew you wouldn’t quit
when I dug you and you hit me with that old time jive
(sing it Ella)

then oops, my heart went oops
sitting on the stoops, the local droops
they nearly flipped their toops, I mean in groups
the silly way we acted

of course they couldn’t know
that you were so a-glow
and I was so attracted
yes baby take a bow,
my heart is going oops, oops, oops, oops, oops right now
oops, oops then

song of the week 🙂 englisch lernen mit liedern


4 Responses

  1. Remember this phrase?
    There is… = Es gibt…
    Extend it like this:
    There appears/ seems to be… = Es gibt anscheinend…
    There seems/appears to have been… = Es hat anscheinend… gegeben

    Typical mistakes:

    1. It’s not correct to combine a “There…” phrase with any other verb:
    There exists…
    This is a typical German mistake, because Germans like to say Es existiert… Stimmt’s?!?

    2. You can’t combine “There…” with a passive verb, either:
    There has been made…
    Again, this is a typical German mistake; just compare:
    Es ist schon viel… gemacht worden. Zum Beispiel mit “There…”!

    OK, folks, and our two incorrect phrases are just variations of typical mistake numero duo!

    So oops!

  2. Six of you found this very difficult, so I’d say this is something to really watch out for!

      1. There appears to have been some sort of mistake. (54%, 7 votes)

    This is the only correct option of the three!

      2. There appears some sort of mistake has been made. (31%, 4 votes)
      3. There appears to have been made some sort of mistake. (15%, 2 votes)

    Note that you can say: “It appears that” followed by a passive or active sentence, viz:

      It appears that a mistake has been made.
      It appears a mistake has been made.
      It appears that we have made a mistake.
      It appears we have made a mistake.

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