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Grammar Guru: Mother’s Day or Mothers’ Day?

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What do we say …  and why: Mother’s Day or Mothers’ Day? Is it the same or different in the other languages you know?


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5 Responses

  1. Sorry, i have no idea – here in France it’s Victory day but i think a lot of mums were happy that day.
    ps Mothering Sunday?

  2. they do! la fête des mères last sunday of may unless that clashes with Pentecostal? sunday, then it’s a week later.
    Krissie tries to be in England for theirs (she was) Germany for theirs/yours (she is), then here four theirs/ours but personally i think that’s pushing her luck.
    fête des pères seems to be the third sunday in June.
    Minnie asked me why there isn’t a children’s day, i suggested it might be Christmas.

  3. 8 people said “Mother’s Day”, and I think most cultures single out the one mother, “my own”.
    2 people said “Mothers’ Day”.

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