Dorothy Parker: Superfluous Advice

Ian James presented a lovely recording tool, Vocaroo, on his blog, and I’ll be using it in online courses. But here on this blog, dear reader, it’s an easy way to record yourself and to practice your pronunciation. Listen to my recording to help with the more difficult words. Then record yourself (you might have to press “record” twice to make it work on the second go!)

Superfluous Advicedorothy-parker

By Dorothy Parker

Should they whisper false of you,
Never trouble to deny;
Should the words they say be true,
Weep and storm and swear they lie.

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2 thoughts on “Dorothy Parker: Superfluous Advice”

  1. You can actually save your recording by going to the Vocaroo site at You’ll need to create an account there. Then allow access to your microphones. This may be browser-sensitive. It didn’t work for me when I used Firefox, but it worked fine using Chrome and Safari. When you’ve made your recording use the embed code

    or the link code

    (as you see, both produce the same result) and send me your recording by putting it here, in the comments 🙂

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