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While pornography treated flowers, emptiness remained as little as possible

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Talk at BESIG 2021 for Cornelsen

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I’m doing what I never do, thinking about furniture and housewifey things, which is kind of a nice break. I’ve always liked art history, so I’m reading up on German design through the ages. The stinger so far was this online description of Biedermeier on a Russian website:

Biedermeier style, brought to the bourgeois world of housing modest clothing with light bloom sentimentality. Later, arrogant style of the era gave this tongue-in-cheek nickname “Biedermeier” (the word “Biedermeier” – “Mr. Meyer bravy” – as a synonym for philistinism introduced into use Eyhgodt poet).

From the cold, aristocratic Biedermeier Empire inherited the basic principles of building and laconicism. Bourgeois consciousness meet such style format in which the emphasis was on practicality. The measure of household belongings, furniture, considered, above all, the qualities of strength, sound, comfort.

In the era of Biedermeier furniture, we can already find most of the modern types. Never before has the furniture was not so “furniture” in nature, that is free of architectural forms and alien decor. The measure of quality furniture now considered forms of comfort and impeccable carpentry work.

Ease of furniture offset by bright colors and obivok curtain, ornamented motives pornography treated flowers. In this era emerged and the so-called “clean room” (living). The space forcing a large number of rooms of furniture, which seek grouped in the center and besides, so that emptiness remained as little as possible.

There’s nothing like a translation program to mangle language – and to produce an entirely new and exciting pornographic era of design inherited from the cold, based on strength, sound and comfort! Yes! Man, those Biedermeiers must have known something.

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  1. Hi Anne

    A hilarious and quite amazing translation!! How lovely to be thinking of furniture, researching art history and housewifey things. Sounds great!!

    Hope your move has gone well.

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