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This iPhone event must have been sponsored. Advertizing is generally no-go on this blog. But since my Apple gadgets have really helped me get from one home office to the other, more or less sane, I’m sharing the love.

I also like the title. “Take someone out” is NOT “jemanden ausnehmen” – which in German means to disembowel someone. I learned that the hard way, years ago, when I tried to chat up a cute guy by saying, “Ich würde dich gerne mal ausnehmen.” (I’d like to disembowel you sometime). No, I did not score that night.

This came twittering by from Gavin Dudeney and Shelly Terrell. It’s on Boing Boing.

If I was bold enough
I would follow you forever
but darling please
rescue me, take me out

some may say,
it’s my fate
am i just in time
or am i late
if you can, understand

Take me out
I don’t start, I don’t end
I don’t change on my own
Take me out
I don’t lose, i don’t win
I don’t do well alone
Love is what we make it
Take my heart and break it
Take me out
I don’t want to stay home

you make me dread
you make me sweat
but can you make
love mean something instead
something real, make me feel

i don’t want to stay here
i don’t wanna live half my life
and disappear
so if you want to take chances
take a chance on me

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  1. Good to hear you again, Anne.
    I’m just off to a Melta event!
    I hope everything’s swingin’ up there in Potsdam.

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