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Talk at BESIG 2021 for Cornelsen

Managing your hybrid course with Cornelsen’s Basis for Business Summary This 30-minute talk aimed to give Business English trainers an overview of lessons learned in

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I’m having a hard time with that weird phoneme, /w/. Gerald Kelly puts it in a table (Kelly 1988:7) as both bilabial – using both lips, as with /p/, /b/ and /m/ – and velar – using the back of the tongue against the soft palate, like /k/, /g/ and /ŋ/. Bilabial, yes. But velar? Really? I made a video of myself making the sound, to think over in more detail how someone might see w as related to a movement that goes on in the back of your mouth. For me it’s all up front. But I know a Spanish speaking student of mine couldn’t hear or make a difference between “good” and “would”. So this is a video to Catalina, who is teaching the module, and my course mates.

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