Trouble with your empharsis

Hat tip to Nik Peachey. A nice little video to introduce reluctant learners to the usefulness of pronunciation practice, isn’t it? I’d ask students to rank the speakers according to whom they’d have most trouble communicating with.

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7 thoughts on “Trouble with your empharsis”

  1. Hi Anne,

    Bringin’ in some nice stuff, there, you are!!

    I think this will come in useful – the advanced ‘learners’ say they have a lot of difficulty with correct pronunciation and in understanding different accents. Let’s see if I can get this on my new Mac.
    And you’re well up there in the far north?

  2. Great video and nice idea for a follow up task. You could have fun with the students in class by making up your own skits, and having them work out which area of English you struggle with.


  3. Hi guys, thanks so much for dropping in! Yes, I’m looking for stuff to give learners not really interested in pronunciation issues. My business students complain about having trouble understanding their counterparts, but there aren’t really any focussed listening comprehension tasks out there. To me, that’s the biggest to-do in EFL. How about a series of amusing videos, Vicki, that exemplify what sorts of things can be misunderstood in ELF, taking their cues from the groundwork that has already been laid? If it’s mostly about those 20 or so essential phonemes that make ELF work, that would be some 20 units. Wouldn’t that be so cool?

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