Limericks and the life of an English teacher

Stan Carey of the Sentence First blog and the MacMillan blog and sundry other lingusitic habitats is holding a limerick competition – yeah! – and there are some really great ones there, don’t miss them. Deadline: September 21st.

My contributions are a bit dour for limericks, but such is the life of an English teacher:

Krashen wrote all about acquisition
being outside the realm of tuition
which made me morose
and take a whole course
which was fine, but I’m still no magician.

There can never be any consensus
Whether German will lull English senses
Russell Smith got it right
Spoken softly by night
by a beauty it surely mends fences.

“Until Friday,” she’d said, so I queried
“You’ll be writing all week?!” I was worried.
“No, I’ll do it on Thursday,
you’ll have it on Friday.”
“By Friday, then, fine.” Out I hurried.

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4 thoughts on “Limericks and the life of an English teacher”

  1. limericks written by my wife
    have always to do with real life
    while the husband sits still
    on the sofa being ill
    It feels like being stuck by a knife

  2. My poor darling, dear husband Helmut,
    your backache is awful, and I’m mute.
    Massage and warm baths,
    time off and some laughs
    will pluck your pain out by the root!

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