I’ve started a book project, which forces me to conceptualize something from the big picture down to the last detail. After poking around for about a month exploring the areas I have found important in my business English classes over the past years, thinking through individual features and refreshing my contact to clients who might help me make the case studies more realistic and concrete, I came up with a general concept that was unfortunately too big to handle. Last Saturday we had the big kickoff meeting with the advisers. Their ideas were really helpful in enabling a new rough book map. There is still a lot of blank space and some repetition, but all the advisers have said what they want in the book, and that will clearly make the book appeal to a larger audience in the end. But I’m temporarily stuck: Some of my favorite ideas don’t seem to fit in anymore. The ideas have different origins now, so it’s more difficult to make them match seamlessly. I’ve just only noticed that one of my favorite chapters, the one on Sales, is suddenly missing. Oh, no! I’ll probably have to let it go. Painful.

OK, bedtime. It feels freezing in my flat, and I’m really tired. Tomorrow is another day.

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