So much has changed since Helmut and I came here from Munich three years ago. We’ve moved twice, and in the new year we’ll be moving again. Three moves in as many years. Just a month ago we were sitting on the shore in San Francisco wishing for a real home. San Francisco felt so right. Something encouraging about the rolling ocean, and the general upbeat friendliness we encountered. The new place, which is very Berlin but also very different from what we’ve known so far, I hope will be a peaceful and productive environment for things to fall into place.

Every move means pulling up roots, putting them down again, new neighbors, changing routines, solving mundane details of daily life. The perspective of disruption has come in a period of excessive time pressure. Now I’m worried that I’ve lost concentration, energy and momentum to the extent that I won’t be able to finish the old project in time to begin the new. Shelter and regroup.

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Trainer/ coach from Washington, D.C. based in Berlin. Enthusiastic gardener, sailor, reader.

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