Sneaker wars

Sifting through patent wars for the book, I’m looking at Adidas Primeknit vs. Nike Flyknit. The Nike innovation was launched a few months before Adidas stepped up, making it look like Adidas was copying the Nike idea. Adidas was stopped in its tracks by a Nike injunction. That has been reversed. But can Adidas catch up, with Nike coming in first, and winning accolades for pushing boundaries? Fast Company is calling Nike the most innovative company of 2013. Nike has come an impressively long way in terms of corporate social responsibility, or at least their marketing department is doing a very good job of projecting that. Still, Adidas has the cachet of being a German SME, part of the (branded) Mittelstand with its tradition of craftsmanship. I love the Adidas video of the production process. The CEO is so down to earth when he talks about local responsibility and walking the walk. But are we leaving all of that behind? CSR is so much more complex today. So which company is more socially and environmentally responsible?

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