Dorothy Parker: Superfluous Advice Play in new window | DownloadIan James presented a lovely recording tool, Vocaroo, on his blog, and I’ll be using it in online courses. But here on this blog, dear reader, it’s an easy way to record yourself and to practice your pronunciation. Listen to my recording to help with the more difficult words. […]

Recipe For Happiness Play in new window | DownloadRecipe For Happiness Khaborovsk Or Anyplace by Lawrence Ferlinghetti One grand boulevard with trees with one grand cafe in sun with strong black coffee in very small cups. One not necessarily very beautiful man or woman who loves you. One fine day. I wonder about the meaning of the […]

Ogden Nash: To My Valentine Play in new window | DownloadTo My Valentine by Ogden Nash More than a catbird hates a cat, Or a criminal hates a clue, Or the Axis hates the United States, That’s how much I love you. I love you more than a duck can swim, And more than a grapefruit squirts, I love […]

Question: When does remixing become second-hand living? Play in new window | DownloadGermany has been rocked by scandal this past week, as Helene Hegemann, the 17-year old writer of an astonishing novel called Axolotl Roadkill, has been shown up by Munich blogger Deef Pirmasens (Gefühlskonserve) to have lifted whole passages of her book from the writings of one Airen, a blogger […]

Question: Inspired by a fault? Play in new window | DownloadDjango Reinhardt was born 100 years ago yesterday. He lost the use of the third and fourth finger on his left hand when the family caravan caught fire, and as a result developed his own unique style of guitar playing. Seriously inspirational, that is. Can you remember any other […]

Question: Can you disengage from social networks? Play in new window | DownloadLate last summer Chris invited me to get on the luddite bandwaggon and drop Twitter and Facebook. Chris is a blogger and makes videos, so “luddite” is somewhat relative. But here am I, having a massive change of heart after promoting the use of online social networks to my […]

Question: What role do elderly parents play in your life? Play in new window | DownloadMy mother died last week, and I’m mourning and thinking back. When I decided to stay here in Germany, an ocean away, I automatically decided against sharing her day-to-day life and being there to help her with her big and small needs. Not being there has felt morally wrong, […]