Jailbreaker and Hank Williams

Write a one-sentence summary of this video. OR: Which sentence best summarizes this video for you? A sheriff manages to capture a jailbreaker. A jailbreaker meets an upright citizen who captures him. A short dog manages to outtrick a tall dog in a striped shirt. A poor fellow simply can’t win against someone who is […]

New Yorker Animated Cartoons

Rod introduced me to the New Yorker Animated Cartoons podcast. Here are a few: You can get the New Yorker Animated Cartoons as a podcast on iTunes. The iPhone app http://www.RingTales.com/iPhoneNY on my iPhone sometimes stalls – pity! But the podcast is better anyway.

Anne in Wonderland

You simply must see the great Disney exhibition at Kunsthalle der Hypo-Kulturstiftung in Munich, which traces the European images that inspired the look of Disney’s films. I had some surprising insights. And the gauches, pastels, oils and paintings on celluloid produced in the Disney Studios are just delightful. (Exhibition through 25 January 2009.) As I […]


BMW has come out with a very cool concept car called GINA that looks like it should be sold in a sexshop. Watching the videos loving the skin on this transformer car, I was reminded of Batman, a favorite of the latex scene. As kids, we used to drape blankets over our shoulders and run […]