Summer fashion

This stupid T-shirt showing Obama as Curious George got a lot of excited coverage. It’s so 19th century. After Charles Darwin’s “On the Origin of the Species” was published in 1859, racists looking for the “missing link” between man and monkey settled on blacks. No human rights for slaves and ex-slaves, then. I’m amazed that even today a t-shirt can hit on that old chestnut. Hey, are people really still that primitive?

obama t-shirt

Actually, Curious George keeps getting used for political cartoons, and not just by racists: George W. Bush has been featured as Curious George, too.
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Pretty in blue

I was pretty blue a couple of weeks ago when my trusty laptop gave out on me – leaving me without equipment at a very bad time, just as I am getting ready to teach my first seminar for Management Circle. So I’ve decided to invest in a MacBook. I’m so happy that I feel like the headless wonder. I hope can figure everything out quickly. My dad had the first Macintosh, and he would be so pleased. Continue reading Pretty in blue