Spring fashion: Alice style featurette

Alice in Wonderland has a sumptuous look. After Snowgeddon, spring will be a blooming affair, so this stuff will surely go into it. An interview with costume designer Coleen Atwood has good language if you like talking about clothes. Words, in order of appearance:
costume designer, put it on, second fitting, coat, layers, silk, shear, burn off fabric, joke tie, bits of ribbon, embroider, pants, stitch, socks, they don’t match, waistcoat, pieces of fabric, they’re cut and sewn over, (re)mended, buttons, dress, embroidery, hem, layers, stripes, stockings, bloomers, sketch, neck(line), collar, wasplike middle, skirt. Words not mentioned: bodice, petticoat. Other interesting words: made to scale, curtains.

Fall fashion 2009

Fall-2009-Fashion-Week_articleimageFall fashion 2009? Reduced. Not humble, but beyond showing off. On a supremely beautiful body, in this age of the computer bean bag. After all, if anybody’s still got a body we definitely want to see it. The looks on the runway are all virtual reality – draw a stripe across that leg, attach a second top over this t-shirt, ach, take it all off and slap a bit of junk on that dame / dude. Project a picture on that body. Or, no, wait, get rid of color entirely. Friends, this fall just go out and get a body stocking.

Summer fashion

Right-wing parties have won some major victories across Europe (including parts of Germany). So it’s back to the old game of Us versus Them. Well, all of you politicians out there, and anyone who thinks racism is ok, we are watching you. Closely. And we are wearing t-shirts  that say “Lügen haben kurze Beine”: Lies won’t get you far.

Lügen haben kurze Beine. Himmel

“Lügen haben kurze Beine” t-shirt from Himmel, Arsch und Zwirn.
“Himmel, Arsch und Zwirn!” is a “Kraftausdruck” here in Bavaria.
It translates as “heaven, butt and thread!” and is”WTF!” in Bavarian.


I just got mail from Uesa Robinson, who has a vintage clothes shop on Capitol Hill. She researches her clothes, and one of them is a dress that has a label from Perelucci’s, my mother’s (Gertrud Hodgson’s) clothes boutique. How marvellous! The Perelucci name and logo was my father’s, made out of my mother’s nickname Per and Lucy, her silent partner. perelucci-label

Was this dress her design? It may have been. There’s a second label in the dress that says “Dominique”. It looks like the kind of dress she would have sewn, with a dropped waist and tie. She sewed me several dresses in the early 70s that were a little like this. Some were cut on the bias, without pleats but with volants at the bottom, so they moved nicely, which was the whole point. I didn’t like ties, so I got a round or boat neck. Some dropped-waist dresses had a sash that tied round the hips. She experimented with her own fashion line and label, but it never got off the ground. I don’t know if the name she used was “Dominique” or not.

She also sewed the Perelucci label into clothes she bought in New York that she thought really fit the style of the shop. So who knows? Maybe she bought this dress. But I think it might be her own design.