Fall fashion 2009

Fall-2009-Fashion-Week_articleimageFall fashion 2009? Reduced. Not humble, but beyond showing off. On a supremely beautiful body, in this age of the computer bean bag. After all, if anybody’s still got a body we definitely want to see it. The looks on the runway are all virtual reality – draw a stripe across that leg, attach a second top over this t-shirt, ach, take it all off and slap a bit of junk on that dame / dude. Project a picture on that body. Or, no, wait, get rid of color entirely. Friends, this fall just go out and get a body stocking.

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2 thoughts on “Fall fashion 2009”

  1. Hi Anne,

    I have seen a very small beautiful clip on a runway for two famous models since long time and I thought to share it with you. This clip is only one minute but it can give us lots of information about Love, Hate, Women, Jealousy, competetion, …..etc.
    But, I think we should watch that clip carefully.

  2. Hi Hassan,
    Very funny, seeing them copy each other. I guess this must be the fashionista equivalent of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs admiring each other’s work (at their famous joint interview), or Google expanding into phones and operating systems while Microsoft creates “Bing”. Professional competition is generally good, but it’s not always as pretty to look at as this 😉

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