My computer is killing me

Sometimes I feel almost chained and shackled to the computer. I’ve been back for 4 or 5 days and am typing away to meet deadlines, and already my feet are swollen and my body is shouting at me to go out and move. As much as I love writing and feel I’m growing in the new worlds social networking has opened me up to, I’m clearly losing the natural balance I used to have between being very active and slacking off. At the computer my brain is hyperactive and my body is dead. The Cro-Magnon was not designed for this kind of life. I’m really frustrated about what it is doing to my body. I’m not planning to become one of those monsters on a personal mobility device. How do you organize things and stay in touch with your body??

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4 thoughts on “My computer is killing me”

  1. It’s all time management, although unfortunately being the time management nut I used to be sucks all the spontaneity and fun out of your life…

    Same problem, so can’t claim to have the perfect answer. When I get back to teaching afternoon evenings I plan to spend alternate mornings exercising and writing. In the meantime, I use these tips:
    – Make sure holidays and free time activities are active, even if it means missing out on something else you liked like movies
    – Do the brainstorming stage on your mobile while taking a walk or on the exercise bike
    – Do something active in your ten minute writing breaks, even if it’s just doing the hoovering

  2. Thanks for this, Alex. I think those breaks and the active times you set aside are key.
    I find time management around writing more difficult than with lessons, where I have a lot of resources I can fall back on if I run out of time. But an article is an article, and if it’s no good it’s… no good. Writing has a natural tendency to expand almost endlessly with me. I very much admire my boss who has a schedule for each activity and really sticks to it, to the extent that he can still chat in between.

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