Adios, amigo. Patrick Swayze

Patrick Swayze has died of cancer. Speaking to other cancer patients a year ago, he said, “I’m just an individual living with cancer.” I walked out of his hit “Dirty Dancing”, but was completely rivvetted by “Point Break” (1991), which got Swayze and co-star Keanu Reeves various “sexiest man alive” and “most desirable male” nominations. […]

What’s the story, cupcake?

Sweet Dreams by Kirsten Lepore, Special Jury Award at SXSW 2009 Images and laughter help you learn, says Jo Westcombe, who sent this video and knows a thing or two about story telling. A fun assignment in a writing class could be to write this up in different genres: separate groups write a fairytale, a […]


Can’t wait to see Moon, starring the son of “Ziggy Stardust” himself. Straight SciFi in the footsteps of classics like 2001 – A Space Odyssey (1968), Alien (1979), Blade Runner (1982) and Solaris (1972, 2002) Great reviews by James Rocchi here and Irtiqa here.

The switch

Hey, cool: What’s this? What does it do? What can you do with it? How does it work? What are its mechanical or physical properties? Created by Vancouver Film School student Zack Mathew through the VFS Digital Character Animation program. For a short interview with Zack, visit The man behind the switch Recommended by ebd35 […]

One trick pony

We were thinking of a few people we love as we watched “The Wrestler” tonight. Bruce Springsteen wrote the touching title song for Mickey Rourke. The Oscar? Who cares, said Mickey. “You can’t eat it, you can’t fuck it, and it won’t get me into heaven.” Have you ever seen a one trick pony in […]

Pink Panther

I didn’t realize that The Pink Panther had returned soooo many times. I prefer Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau (I like his dry style), but Steve Martin had an immortal scene with his language coach. A new film is due in February 2009. Trailer 1962 Steve Martin would like to buy a ‘amburger