Adios, amigo. Patrick Swayze

Patrick Swayze has died of cancer. Speaking to other cancer patients a year ago, he said, “I’m just an individual living with cancer.”
I walked out of his hit “Dirty Dancing”, but was completely rivvetted by “Point Break” (1991), which got Swayze and co-star Keanu Reeves various “sexiest man alive” and “most desirable male” nominations. Time Magazine wrote of the film, “Looks 10, Brains 3”. Here’s the trailer:

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7 thoughts on “Adios, amigo. Patrick Swayze”

  1. Ok death is sort of the link to me saying that a while ago you asked about our favourite places – just before you went to Drummond island – and i mentioned a place called Allahies in Ireland.
    If you go to my friend Dave’s blog today he has a really nice photo of it and a retreat, meditation centre that he says his for people facing death.

  2. I think that living and coming to grips with a fatal disease is a part of life, a life skill, so to speak, for both the dying and their family and friends. There should be more places like Dechen Shying Spiritual Care Centre, but also more normalcy connected to sharing day to day with people who are terminally ill. I remember one person who really had it down, and he was truly inspiring.

  3. Anne,

    Patrick Swayze was a wonderful actor who did several great movies I still watch. I remember Dirty Dancing so vividly only because on Christmas day I watched it with my cousins two times in a row. There were 20 of us in a nearly empty theater. We each lounged on two chairs each and shared are oohs, ahhs, and other comments about the movie. Thank you for sharing another great movie I remember and love.

  4. Dear Shelly,
    Films are often about the people we see them with and the situations we see them in, aren’t they?
    I think “Dirty Dancing” is one of those films that a lot of people have very positive memories of.
    I saw “Point Break” in Konstanz with windsurfing and sailing friends, and we would dream of ocean surfing in California or Hawaii or even just the Atlantic Coast. I keep promising myself that one day I will actually go to California.
    🙂 Anne

  5. Sure Polprav. I’ve seen your blog “Half Truth”, but I don’t speak Russian. What do you write about? US pop culture? Russian pop culture? Something in between?

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