Grammar Guru: I’m used to…

Last week the Grammar Guru poll result was

  • I’m looking forward to seeing you = 4
  • I’m looking forward to see you = 2

The majority got it right.The other choice is an error. This week’s poll is also about a typical error. For a good way to practice the correct phrase, see

But not all language issues the Grammar Guru will ask you to vote on will be errors. Stay tuned!

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2 thoughts on “Grammar Guru: I’m used to…”

  1. Hola, Anne!

    Marvellouse your link: very interesting for me!
    Ah, I forgot:
    BEST REGARDS from MOLLY MALONE from Ireland 🙂

    Thank U!!!

    Have a GOOD WEEK!
    (For me the school starts with the pupils in this week. Finally …)

  2. Welcome back, Concetta! So it sounds like you had a great time in Ireland! Do you have any pictures to share? Have a good first week 🙂

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