Worldcup final

I didn’t really mind who won, as none of my favorite players were involved. I tended towards Spain because the Barca players have such longstanding friendships, which I think is really cool, and I think it’s very sexy when men can sense what other guys around them are about to do. Go ahead and groan. Helmut was saying noticeably more women are turning into football fans. Well, yes, we like watching men, don’t we, and perhaps more women are willing to admit it these days. I really like intelligent and strategic play, and was deeply impressed by Spain’s midfield in the game against Germany. But it’s pretty easy to see who Helmut was for. It’s down to all his years of sailing up there with youth groups, for starters. Oh, I love the Dutch, too. As I say, I didn’t really mind one way or the other.
Guess who Helmut is for?
We watched the match for third place in “Café Schau ma moi” (which means “well, we’ll see” in Bavarian), the smallest beergarden in Munich, a courtyard with just two or three little tables and a barbecue, us leaning and looking over the wall, feeling completely at home. Today we watched Spain and Netherlands foul each other endlessly and needlessly sitting lakeside at the Strandbar on the Ammersee at Stegen, not far from where we sail. We decided to leave them to their dirty tricks at half-time, and drove off into the beautiful sunset, catching the end through the radio, with snippets of news wafting in from everywhere.

Overall the World Cup was a marvellous feast. Thanks, Schland, respect, Thomas Müller, and grosses bisous to all of the players for your incredible perfomance!

Song for Bayern-München

This Smokey Robinson and the Miracles song is for those lazy boys who showed that they can play as a team when they stop being d…heads and follow the philosophy of their brilliant trainer:

“it’s my philosophy that…
If you can want, you can need
& if you can need, you can care
If you can care, you can love
So when you want me, I’ll be there
I’ll be there whenever you want me”

the rest of the lyrics here