The top 25 mistakes Germans make in English

1. I am born in Berlin. 2. We are meeting us next week. 3. I am living here since 1998. 4. I moved here for 6 years. 5. I have lived in Halle until 1997. 6. We have often meetings in Frankfurt. 7. We have opened in Potsdam our new headquarters. 8. Can you borrow […]

David Crystal on Obama’s rhetorical style

David Crystal has analyzed Barack Obama’s acceptance speech for rhetorical style in his blog, showing how Obama used the “rule of three” (creating vibrant triptychs), pairing, repetition, structural parallelism and the “rule of seven” (a memory-friendly number of details) to create the rhetorical drama needed to extend his listeners’ attention span and build excitement. Thanks, […]

On? In!

Q. My colleagues are divided in their opinions about “storing data in a computer” versus “storing data on a computer.” Which is correct? Thanks. A. You can do either, but I would store the data in the computer. It used to be easy to store stuff on a computer, but now with flat screens and laptops it […]

I’m looking forward to hearing from you Play in new window | DownloadHere’s another chant, this one created on the spot in Paderborn at Benteler (for Akademie für Sekretariat und Büromanagement). Hi ladies 🙂 ! Snap your fingers to anchor the +ing in your memory. I’m looking forward to seeing you I’m looking forward to meeting you I’m looking forward to […]

How long have you been here? Play in new window | DownloadManagement Circle offered a business communication seminar for management assistants in Frankfurt that I had the privilege to teach. They do a really professional job of organising these events. My students, Astrid, Christine, Elke, Petra, Sladana and Theresia were such a pleasure to be with. Two days are obviously […]

At the time

A favorite student of mine uses at the time when he really wants to say at the moment. Here are some correct models: At the moment I’m getting ready to teach my second compact seminar for Management Circle. The last one was in spring. I was learning to work my new laptop at the time. […]

Things Germans say wrong

1.    My chief is in a meeting. 2.    She’s a very engaged worker. 3.    I can’t understand what you’re saying. There’s something wrong with the hearer. 4.    She’s a sympathetic woman, I really like her. 5.    He works in the pharmaceutical branch. 6.    I jobbed as a temp before I started working here. 7.    I’ll […]