The iThing

I broke my vow not to hang out on Twitter. Well, I had a fun conversation about the iTablet iThing Apple is unveiling today, asking what people thought it should be called. I thought iPad would work. Andy H thought they should go with iLash, or iShadow, iBrow, or iDrofoil. The iDrofoil? a waterproof version? No, said Ken W: “surely waterproof version is iWash, isn’t it? Maybe Apple will produce s’thing really ugly for a change & call it iSore.” Not a chance. Andy: “Or the iChing (or given the amount of money that company makes, the iKerching)” and “Or given the enthusiasm/fundamentalism that many users show, the iDolatry would seem most fitting”. True. Debbie C said iWant, Petra P mentioned iCandy and I thought iBuy now, iPay later, maybe. Aimee R said iPad made her think of PMS. Meanwhile Phil H was busily adding little “i”s in front of every word. And I was finishing the most depressing exercise I’ve ever written. Thank heaven we have Twitter.


Now even my husband is on twitter, though he says he just wants to be left alone. Hey, Helmut, this is 2009. Noone can have it all, social networks with the latest news AND privacy. You have to choose. Are you going to be the last man standing when everyone else is running? It all depends on whether you think running crowds will wind up someplace worth being. My friend Lucy’s been twittering for ages. You haven’t decided yet whether microblogging is for you? Frankly I’m still a little unsure how to best use it, but the most interesting function is search twitter (and the most relaxing, social one is visiting people, e.g. visit me here). It’s a very fast direct messaging tool, much better than email because there’s no spam filter to block traffic. It’s good for a lot more, I’m sure. I’m still low-tech, don’t use any extra applications. Time will tell how much time it saves for every minute it costs.  Anyway: See this TED talk by Twitter founder Evan Williams, who I find looks very uncomfortable, a true geek. Chris Anderson (the man behind TED) makes an appearance at the end.