Crisis explained

Paddy Hirsch gives a bubbly explanation of collateralized debt obligations, i.e. the financial instruments that got us into this financial mess. Found on Presentation Zen, a site dedicated to good presentations.  Source: Marketplace Financial Crisis 101.

The overhead projector

It’s a low-tech office dinosaur of the 20th century, but I still use the OHP for teaching. It’s really good for…

Flip your chart

September is often a time of preparing for trade fairs. How about surprising your audience by using a flip chart instead of a Powerpoint presentation? It can add a more personal touch. And it is much easier to involve your audience in your presentation. Especially if the group is not too big and you are […]

Dancing data Play in new window | DownloadWhen I was at college, I found presentations based solely on statistics incredibly boring. I find it far more interesting to tell and to listen to stories about individual cases. Storytelling based in experience is still the easiest way to captivate an audience. But everyone appreciates how important statistics […]

Simply beautiful

When is the last time you went to a meeting and saw a presentation that knocked your socks off? It’s a rare occurrence, isn’t it?