Flip your chart

September is often a time of preparing for trade fairs. How about surprising your audience by using a flip chart instead of a Powerpoint presentation? It can add a more personal touch. And it is much easier to involve your audience in your presentation. Especially if the group is not too big and you are looking for a workshop-like feeling, flip charts can build excellent rapport. Here are some tips and a video: Continue reading Flip your chart

Dancing data

When I was at college, I found presentations based solely on statistics incredibly boring. I find it far more interesting to tell and to listen to stories about individual cases. Storytelling based in experience is still the easiest way to captivate an audience. But everyone appreciates how important statistics are to clarify the facts, and the bottom line. But the good news is that visualising statistics has just got more interesting. Thanks to Hans Rosling, we can animate data across a grid to demonstrate dramatic changes. Continue reading Dancing data

Simply beautiful

When is the last time you went to a meeting and saw a presentation that knocked your socks off? It’s a rare occurrence, isn’t it? Generally we sit there and suffer Death by Powerpoint. As we watch slide after slide, we either know what’s coming, so it’s a waste of time, or we don’t understand what the point of it all is. And let me tell you, if you’re presenting in English it’s worse for your foreign listeners. Continue reading Simply beautiful