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September is often a time of preparing for trade fairs. How about surprising your audience by using a flip chart instead of a Powerpoint presentation? It can add a more personal touch. And it is much easier to involve your audience in your presentation. Especially if the group is not too big and you are looking for a workshop-like feeling, flip charts can build excellent rapport. Here are some tips and a video:

  • Design your flip charts in advance on A4 paper.
  • Experiment with a few colors and be consistent, e.g. one color for titles, one for bullet points, one for line drawings.
  • Make your chart interactive: Draw a framework for your diagram beforehand, then fill in the gaps as you speak.
  • Involve your audience in completing the chart, e.g. have them mark a scale or add features to a simple drawing.
  • Make sure the flip chart is easy to read from every part of the room.
  • Every picture tells a story and likes a label.
  • The KISS principle: Keep it short and simple! Or: Keep it simple, stupid! Or: Keep it short and sexy!

For some inspiration regarding the KISS principle and a few laughs (I’d give it a PG-rating), watch New York stand-up comedian Demetri Martin commenting on his own visuals.

business skills – learning english – business skills – learning english

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