10 things you didn’t know about…

Mary Roach takes the cake with her TED presentation on “10 things you didn’t know about orgasm”. Did you know that paraplegics can have orgasms by stimulating parts of their body not typically connected with sexuality, just above their sense-deprived bodyparts? That embryos masturbate? Or that there is a woman who can have an orgasm […]

Sex and … grammar?

I’ve got a fun job, writing an exercise a week for learners of English. We think up a topic related to the magazine and a grammar issue that should be addressed, or a set of vocabulary items and an approach to learning them, and then I’m off and running. It’s funny: The more bizarre the […]

Women want bonobos?

Meredith Chivers is an expert on what women want. She says there’s a total disconnect between what a woman says she thinks is sexy and how her body reacts. In this study, women were physically aroused by almost everything, including bonobos having sex. Chivers explains that female sexuality is deeply divided: “physiological arousal reveals little […]